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Why Computer Troubleshooters Indooroopilly and Microsoft 365 is the Right Choice for Your Technology Needs

Are you looking to:

  • Have employees achieve more by being connected and collaborative?
  • Have employees working productively no matter where they are on any device?
  • Minimise the security risk to employee’s data?

Then talk with your local Computer Troubleshooter, Computer Troubleshooters Indooroopilly about a Microsoft 365 solution.

We design solutions to meet your individual requirements now, with a model you need so you can scale your solution as your business grows. Be flexible during peak periods with the ability to scale up only when needed and reduce needs as needed.

  • a monthly operational payment based on the number of active users.
  • increased agility to scale up and down
  • Simplifying the management of your infrastructure
  • You focus on the business while being confident that your team have the tools to do their work.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 consists of a platform of tools starting with a mailbox and option to add your standard versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – all operational on up to 5 devices including mobile phones and tablets. In addition, the plan provides SharePoint and Teams for collaboration within your teams.


This includes:

  • email hosting with 50gb mailbox
  • using your own domain name
  • using teams to host online meetings and video calls
  • storage capacity of 1TB for file sharing with OneDrive
  • protection against spam, malware with Exchange Online Protection
  • the capacity for each user to install the Office apps on up to 5 PCs or Macs

Where to Start?

Busy day, hectic schedule, need to do it now, but cannot find the time? Then why not look to an experienced Microsoft partner focused on small business to help you transition your business to Microsoft 365.

Begin with: IT Microsoft 365 Assessment Consultation


Before we begin, we always need to assess the current situation. Upon engaging us we will conduct an initial assessment with a full review of your current IT setup. We will discuss your existing and future business requirements, explaining any Microsoft 365 opportunities.

The outcome is to present a range of recommendations and an overall plan that ensures a smooth transfer from your old IT systems to the new cloud enabled environment. We will achieve all of this with a minimum of business disruption and impact to your cashflow.

Migrating to Microsoft 365

The migration needs to be effectively planned and the starting point is to document. Planning is broad and comprehensive – it covers users, infrastructure, product choice.

What can Computer Troubleshooters offer you?

Look to Computer Troubleshooters Indooroopilly to carry out the migration for a project fee supported by an ongoing management for a monthly fee.

Take the risk out of failure, take the cost of disruption out of the equation, increase the speed of migration and deployment by Computer Troubleshooters

You manage your business while Computer Troubleshooters Indooroopilly manages your IT, making life easier.

Get in Touch.

Want to know how this all works and help implementing an IT Managed System for your business.

Get in touch for a free consultation and evaluations of your needs and costings.



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